Lettering Styles

Lettering Styles, not to be confused with Fonts, are how a particular font is engraved into the stone.

V-Sunk Lettering In A Panel

V-Sunk lettering style is the most widely used today. The polish of the stone is sandblasted away and then the lettering cut deep into this panel. This creates a natural shadowing. We then add black lithocrome to these letters to make them much darker.Deep Cut (V Cut) Lettering

Frosted or Skin Cut Lettering

This lettering style is commonly used on black granite. The lettering is cut by sandblasting away the polish area. This will leave a natural contrast. For greater contrast you can have white lithocrome added to the lettering.Skin Cut Lettering

Raised Polish Lettering

Raised Polish Lettering is a process used that leaves the lettering higher that the surrounding stone. To create this we carve the area out around the lettering and leave the polish on the letters. The creates fabulous contrast on most granite.Raised Polished Lettering

Polished Outline Lettering

Polished Outline Lettering is similar to Frosted Bar Lettering. The center of the letter can be either frosted or deep cut with a outline around the letter that is polished. This has to be done either in a panel or on a monument with a steeled finish. The results are very good with any color of granite however the darker granites will contrast slightly better. This is a type of font that can be read well with no lithocrome.Polished Outline Lettering

Frosted Bar Lettering

Frosted Bar Lettering has a very distinct look and is typically used on large lettering. The center of the lettering will be deep cut and then the outline of the letter frosted to remove the polish around the lettering. This process makes lettering realy stand out and creates readable lettering without paint on nearly every kind of stone.Frosted Bar Lettering

Deep Cut Outline